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Hi there! I’m Alexa. I’m mama to a three year old and babe to my hubs who has travelled this journey with me for a decade. You’ll usually find me with a real deal almond milk cappuccino in hand. I’m a lover of farmer's markets, after dinner walks, plates full of color, mountain air, and barefeet. A midwest girl at heart, you’ll hear me say that I looooove the seasons especially the fall, so stereotypical, right?

Now let’s get real. When I think about what’s important to me and the experience that has led to the most radical transformation in my life, it was becoming a mother. Through each of these phases, there was a continuous and constant prompting towards growth in consciousness, awareness, and the search for transparency. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without each experience, even the ones that brought me to my knees. You know the ones, “the why is this happening to me moments?”, what I realized is that so much was happening FOR me and out of that came an amazing gift of purpose. I feel really grateful that I trusted my path and followed my intuition when my interests and passion drove me to create this space.


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I’m a certified integrative nutrition health coach, holistic lifestyle expert, and a women’s wellness advocate. I was triggered by how disempowered and vulnerable I felt around the lack of holistic education during pregnancy & the postnatal phases and became devoted to not only empower other women to be intentional from the start but also to shift the perspective on children’s health in the first 5 years. It’s hard being a new mother today, figuring out what to do with all this information and how to apply it. Many of my own personal experiences reinforced that my purpose was to guide other mother’s with the tools and resources I’ve gained over the last decade of this journey. You and you’re little one deserve to thrive and I’m going to show you how with a holistic and intuitive blueprint that will help you show up intentionally from day one. My hope for you is that in this space you feel nurtured and whole so you take on your new role with confidence, live well without it overtaking your life, and ultimately be present with the things that bring you the most joy. Motherhood brought me to the point where I turned what I deeply cared about into a career that I absolutely LOVE. My path here wasn’t straightforward, but I know I am here because it’s my life’s calling.

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Who is the Holistic Mother?

It is you…

To be honest, I think each of us has our own learning journeys to walk down in this lifetime, our own experiences that push us into greater awareness which shifts our perspective, encourages us to look deeper within ourselves for truth and acceptance, and offers us an opportunity to grow in consciousness. These are unique to each of us. Each challenge, each phase, each discovery is here to teach us to embrace all that we are - something necessary if we are going to thrive and raise our children to thrive from the start. No other human experience leads to such radical transformation as that of becoming a mother. For society to be well and prosper, the mothers must be fully supported and healthy—in every sense of the word. Yet motherhood is given such little recognition and our mothers are falling through the cracks of the current system. I’m not going to pretend you can be in complete control of this journey. You can’t. Motherhood is perfectly imperfect and there is no “one size fits all” approach to any of it. However, you can have a significant influence on how you show up and enjoy your mothering experience. You can intentionally curate your life to incorporate practices that make you feel whole, informed, and empowered so you can stay present with what matters most. Living well starts with you and making the choice to not settle for less. Intention is our favorite superpower.

How to be a Holistic Mother…

What would it look like if you felt nurtured, informed, and intentional from day one? The Holistic Mother’s Program is a blueprint to holistically and intuitively guide women through each phase in the first 5 years so you and your little one thrive. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, we’ll start there. The purpose of this program is to help you prepare for and successfully navigate the lifestyle elements of new motherhood. You deserve to feel whole, have the energy to take on your new role, and be the mother you were always meant to be. Who is encouraging and holding you accountable to be the best version of yourself?

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hey there!

I’m Alexa Schuman a holistic lifestyle expert + certified integrative nutrition health coach who turned my own experience and passion for the women’s wellness movement into a collective space for new mothers to live holistically. Now I’m planting the seeds to show you how you can do it too!

Intention was her
favorite superpower.


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